Cast of Characters


    Wedding 1922

Priest from Marilyn’s funeral, best man,

Clyde Norvell Owings, Mary Henley Owings,

Virginia ?, & Marilyn



   38 Road

Clyde, Marilyn, Marilyn's funeral procession



   Long Road




  Virginia Road

Romeo Norvell Owings (father of Clyde N. Owings),

Marilyn, funeral procession of Marilyn’s




Marilyn, age 7?, Marilyn’s funeral procession,

Mary Henley Owings, age 20s?



   Slide Down

Marilyn, age 6 ?, Marilyn, age 20, Priest from Marilyn’s funeral




Marilyn in doorway, Priest and two from

Marilyn's burial site, Romeo Owings,

Clyde Norvell Owings.



   My Toys

Marilyn, Louise Owings



   Beside Myself

Marilyn, age 8 ?, Marilyn, age 2




Mary & Clyde on wedding day, June 16, 1922 & headstones across from Marilyn's Resting place in San Salvador, El Salvador Central Cemetery



   Beside Myself

Clyde, Jen Owings (aunt of Clyde), Marilyn, Priest from Marilyn’s funeral, kid? Marilyn at wheel, Marilyn in tree top, Marilyn on swing, Marilyn’s funeral procession, Clyde’s ghost, Louise from late teens (sister of Marilyn), Louise (child)



   Dark Eyes

Soldier and lover, Marilyn age 19?, Marilyn whispering after Judy’s birth in 1947



Judy, age 4?, 1, ,2, 3, 4, 5: Unknowns, Armando Zelada, Armando Jerry Zelada, age 2?, coat sleeve of Marilyn. Unknown symmetric person & Marilyn near tree.



   Little Sympathies

Upper left: Clyde and Mary Owings, Marilyn hidden in the headstones, Marilyn in the box; priest in religious dress, Armando turning away at casket, Little Sympathies showing concern for the passing of Marilyn on below left.


  Dark Eyes

Marilyn, age 8?