Perceptual Defense is a series of images created in the early 2000s and published in 2009


If I stand in my room and look out at the world through a window in the daytime I see the outside; I see no reflections of the room I stand in. If I stand in my room and look at the world in the night, I do not see the world; I see the reflections of the lit room. So how is it that when the room lights are on in the daytime I see no reflections of the inside lit room. Frankly, I call the outside, loud noise and the inside, quiet noise. Or perhaps it is just that the tones of the world are elevated and overpowering my little retinal cells making only the daylight known to me and shutting out the subtly of the room lit tones in the daylight. In a way I should be thankful. If our retina/brain had to pay attention to all the tones- dark, bright, glaring, and subtle, it would be too confusing. And somehow we defend or screen out what isn't the quiet internal figurative tones in front of us during the day.