The Three Volumes composing the Oregon Breaths


The images in these volumes take great liberty in binding them together. In some ways, these are documentary views simply in front of the camera during sorties within the wilderness of the Oregon Territory.  Layers of ash from volcanic blowouts get sandwiched in different encountered strata. In one case, a white pumice layer may be uplifted and slabbed over another layer and easily seen in a ravine; the same geologic event a mile away may end up in uniquely folded layers simply as an invisible sediment capturing old sequoia leaves only to be revealed slowly by centuries of flooding. It is the same in making and seeing these photographs. Some are simple views; some have composited layers from different times. Some images may frame disconnected separate distant geologies together.


The viewer takes this in with the inhale and the perception is the simple exhale of looking. The process repeats: with the exhale the preparation for readiness to inhale some fresh oxygen occurs. And this is precisely the exhale that we bring to looking. One thanks that exhale for it allows perception.