Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers 2017 @ Blue Sky Gallery


Blue Sky established the Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers program in 2007 to feature a juried, public archive of original prints by contemporary photographers based in the region. The Drawers program has quickly become a favorite aspect of Blue Sky’s ongoing programming, featuring original prints by more than 60 artists based in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The Drawers is a year-long exhibition, changing every April to coincide with Portland Photo Month, & available to approximately 25,000 visitors annually.


Debuting on First Thursday, April 6, 2017 and coinciding with Portland Photo Month, each artist will be represented by 10 original photographic prints or objects from a single body of work in a dedicated archival, flat file drawer at Blue Sky through March 31, 2018.



The complete list of artists selected from more than 160 submissions includes:


Stephanie Ames • Kate Ampersand • Jory Aronson • Adam Bacher • Sandra Banister

Brett Becklund • Susan Bein • Rich Bergeman • Deborah Bergman • Zachary Burns • Kevin Clark

Jamila Clarke • Philip Coleman • Victor Dallons • Valeria Dávila Gronros • John DuBois • Hal Gage

Margo Geddes • Robert Gervais • Hazel Glass • Carole Glauber • Joseph Glode

Jon Gottshall • Lauren Grabelle • Michael Harris • Aaron Hartzell • Stewart Harvey

Jeff Hess • Ken Hochfeld • Nickolas Hurlbut • Melinda Hurst Frye • Will Keller • Lynne Kelman

Zachary Krahmer • Jeffery Krater • David Kressler • Stuart Allen Levy • Diana LoMeiHing

Jim Lommasson • Eric Macey • Marcia Mahoney • Philip Malkin • Lawrence Manning

Rachel McLain • Jason Moore • Ricardo Nagaoka • Loren Nelson • Leslie Peltz • Stan Raucher

Rich Rollins • Isaac Sachs • Kimberly Shavender • O'Hara Shipe • Gretta Siegel

Andrew Stanbridge • Deb Stoner • Nolan Streitberger • Barbara Strigel • David Tucker

Terri Warpinski • Alan Wieder • David Wyatt • A. J. Zelada and the Portland Grid Project


Juror Mitra Abbaspour on her guiding principle through the selection process: “I seek finely crafted photographs that present layered ideas and subjects. I am equally interested in documentary, studio, and conceptual photographic practices and am especially pleased to find artists engaged with how the material and visual language of photography is evolving today.”


Enjoy   ~AJZ


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